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Fotocars is an art photographic company headed by Ronnie Scott who has 40 years experience in delivering award winning design and photography projects.

The aim of the company is to provide classic car and bike enthusiasts with the opportunity to buy stunning high definition limited edition car art of iconic machines.

Ronnie can also be commissioned to produce a photographic portfolio of your cherished classic, which can be displayed as a breath taking photographic art work or compiled into a unique table top book.

Ronnie uses state-of-the-art cameras and printing processes to obtain quality photographs which have a unique cinematic quality and capture the very soul of the machines.


The fotocars portfolio incorporates a selection of stunning ultra high definition images chosen from Ronnie’s extensive photographic archive.

The images reveal the inner soul of the cars and motorbikes in a captivating way. Their character radiates from the prints by utilising the unique qualities of medium format Pentax and Sigma equipment. Their graphic qualities add vibrance to interior design themes.

The artistic experience is further enhanced by the printing process which uses state-of-the-art techniques on canvas, plexiglass or aluminium to create stunning images which will grace any home or office.

The portfolio is curated into 5 categories

Each subject can be printed on canvas, acrylic or metal

There are 3 sizes to choose from .

The combination of size and quality of print is dependant on your taste and budget.

Whatever you choose, the prints are of the finest quality and will not disappoint.


Throughout history the European car has been at the fore front of design . Whether it be with form and function or sheer grace they have proven great subjects for dramatc photographs.

Further drama an be achieved by placing the images in couples or triples on your wall.

british classics

Britsh classic cars have always been a source of visual delight.

In this secton of the portfolio Ronnie captures the essence of the British car no matter what it’s vintage or eccentricity.

café racers

The world of café racers has produced a constant source of interesting images.

Here are a few which captures the vintage chic of this world wide phenomenon.

racing cars

No compromise racing car specifications have produced a wealth of dramatic shapes in racing machines. Ronnie's selection reflects this heritage through the bold graphic nature of this group of images.

american classics

The Romance of vintage American cars has been captured in these stunning images. Ronnie's passion for the fifty's classics shines through in the lovely examples of the American dream on wheels.

individual commissions

Every classic owner would cherish professional high definition photographs of their prize procession.

Such dreams can become reality by utilising Ronnie's skill to create magazine quality photo essays within a realistic budget.

For a set fee of £300 without any hidden extras, you will receive stunning high definition photo files of your car or motorcycle allowing you to print them yourself or have Ronnie use the best labs in the world to create unforgetable art work or a luxuriously bound book.

commission process

Ronnie will spend a day with you photographing your car or motorbike and only when you are satisfied with the overall look of the raw files will he return to his studio to create finished images.

When these have been approved by you they will be sent as high definition  files for your final approval.

On request, a selected photograph or series of images can be printed on canvas, acrylic or metal at a size that matches your requirements and budget.

As a further service the images can be presented as a stunning bound book.

car art shop – sizes 

there are 3 sizes of prints available

Size A 1200mm x 600mm              Size B 600mm x 400mm               Size C 400mm x 400mm

car art shop – types 

There are 3 types of prints available all of which produce stunning gallery quality images.

Textile Canvas

Textile Print on stretcher Frame Alternative to traditional photo canvas. Finely Woven fabric. Glossy shimmering surface.

Acrylic Glass

Ultra HD Photo Print under Acrylic Glass.

Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima Paper. Ultra HD 4mm acrylic glass.

Depth and brilliant glossy surface.

Acrylic ultra hd metallic

Double resolution of metallic photograph. Bright parts have a metallic sheen.

Under 2mm of Acrylic glass

car art shop – prices 

Textile Canvas

Size A 1200mm x 600mm £450 

Size B 800 mm x 600 mm £280

Size C 400 mm x 400 mm £150

Acrylic Glass

Size A 1200mm x 600mm £1200 

Size B 800 mm x 600 mm £610

Size C 400 mm x 400 mm £270

Acrylic ultra hd metallic

Size A 1200mm x 600mm £1200 

Size B 800 mm x 600 mm £675

Size C 400 mm x 400 mm £300

postage and delivery costs will be agreed before sending


07810 477228

car art shop 

there are 3 sizes of prints available

Size A 1200mm x 600mm

Size B 600mm x 400mm

Size C 400mm x 400mm.